Thursday, March 6, 2014

Friday Flash: The Hot Guy in Line

The Hot Guy in Line
By Clara Zane

The line for Space Coaster shuffled forward again, and Hannah had another clear view of the boy. Yeah, he definitely was a hottie. If only Jess and Zoe were here to check him out. It was always more fun to scope out guys with them. Too bad they both had plans today. She hated coming to Super Fun World without them. Okay, that was an overstatement, since she wouldn't be here if that were the case. Even though she felt a bit silly waiting in line for the awesome rides by herself, the thrills once she got on more than made up for it. Plus she could watch the boys while pretending to look at her phone.

Well, pretending might be a bit of an overstatement, too, as she was on her Twitter and Facebook apps in between texting with Jess and Zoe. They tried to get her to snap a stealthy pic of the hot boy, especially since he was a few line-turns away, but she didn't have the guts. Zoe would have, but Jess would have chickened out, so Hannah didn't feel bad. Besides, he was with a girl. They weren't holding hands or anything, but maybe it was a first date. The way they talked to each other, she could tell they weren't strangers. Oh well, didn't mean she couldn't look.

As the line for Space Coaster moved again, she got a better view. He was wearing a Doctor Who shirt. Oh, goodness, his hotness factor just went up to another level! It was a shirt she'd never seen before, one with a big DW shaped like the TARDIS in the middle, and a bunch of tally marks around it, signifying the Silence, her favorite group of monsters from the series. Now she'd totally have something to talk about with him, instead of simply gazing into those gorgeous eyes.

Which, goodness-goodness-goodness, were looking right at her. She tried to smile, hoped she did, before the line moved again. He smiled at her, of that she had no doubt. Then the girl whispered something in his ear, and he shrugged and blushed. Busted! Hannah giggled, pleased she'd been the reason for it. Guys hardly ever looked at her. Zoe and Jess always got the stares, even at school. That was another plus of being here by herself, she supposed.

She got one more clear view of her mystery hottie before the line took him into the main building of Space Coaster, and she couldn't be sure, but she thought he looked disappointed at moving out of sight. She grinned and typed into Twitter. "Hot guy in line at Space Coaster totally checking me out. #feelingfine" That was too important to only share with Jess and Zoe via text.

The rest of her wait took another twenty minutes, but it might as well have been hours. She tried to focus on the fun of the coming ride, but her mind kept drifting to how she'd probably never again see her mystery boy. There would be other guys to scope out later, there always were here, but there was no way they'd look like him. With a Doctor Who shirt, no less! And there certainly were no boys like him at school. Sure, some liked Doctor Who, and some even looked good, but they didn't have that smile or those eyes. She decided she should push him from her mind, or she might start regretting coming today.

When she finally boarded the ride, her thoughts of the boy vanished as she twisted and dipped through space. Well, the thoughts mostly vanished. She did catch herself wishing she had his hand to hold during the first rise to the top of the track. But the acceleration down the track took full control of her thoughts.

As she walked out of Space Coaster, she planned what to do next. The mine car ride or the log ride would both be fun. A quick stop for a pretzel and soda would also rock. She pulled out her phone to check what Jess and Zoe had texted her while she was zipping through space or if anyone had said anything new on Twitter or Facebook. With all her attention there, she didn't even notice him at first. Only when she felt someone looking over her shoulder did she turn and see it was him. She wanted to chastise him for spying on her personal stuff, but those eyes, that smile, sent that complaint sailing away. Besides, at that moment, it had just been Twitter, so he hadn't seen any big secrets. Good thing she hadn't been texting Jess and Zoe.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," she said right back.

That heart-stopping smile melted her. "I couldn't help but notice you in line. I hope you don't mind me waiting for you."

Her heart skipped a beat or two. Oh, who was she kidding - it skipped a half-dozen at least! He'd waited for her. "No, that's cool. I noticed you, too."

"That's what my sister said. I didn't think a girl as pretty as you would look twice at me, but she insisted. Then she ditched me, so I had to wait."

The girl was his sister, not a date. And he thought she was pretty. He said it! Hannah had to take a deep breath (discreetly) before she spoke again. "I'm glad you waited."

"Yeah, me, too." She'd never get over that smile. "Since I'm here alone now, would you care to be my date?"

Date. He said date. It took all of her willpower, but she didn't let out an earsplitting squeal. She also didn't dive right into her phone to inform Jess, Zoe, Twitter, and Facebook. Instead, she gave him a smile of her own and took his arm when he offered it. They headed deeper into Super Fun World, ready to have a super fun time of their own.


  1. Seems something has come along to take her mind away from Twitter and Facebook for a while. :)

  2. Aww young romance, so cute and at least he distracted her from social media for five minutes or maybe more. ^_^

    Welcome to Friday Flash!

  3. A nice way to spend the night, you ask me. I'm happy for her that her friends weren't around. If they had been there, he might not have talked to her. Good stuff.

  4. Really nicely done :). FB, Twitter et all have a lot to answer for so it's great that she didn't feel the need to use them instantly at the end. Welcome to #fridayflash :).

  5. Awwww. When I read about her tweeting about him, I thought, "That's it, he's going to check his phone, search for who else is at Super Fun World, and she's going to be totally busted!" But it worked out. At least, for a first date.

    Welcome to Friday Flash!

  6. Gotta love the Twitter references, and that she was like "put the phone away, focus on the guy" at the end. :-D And I have a feeling Jess and Zoe are going to get a pic of him... with her. With a big emoji grin and a few !!! at the end.

  7. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read and comment on my story. I'm glad you enjoyed it!